🎥 OpenAI's video AI

steals Google's AI spotlight

Lights, AI, Action 🎥 OpenAI stealth drops a slick video model as Google upgrades Gemini with 1M tokens! Also, the cupid strikes Apple, Meta and Microsoft with AI updates!

🤖 This week in AI

Meta introduces V-JEPA video model:

💻 This week in tech

Lenovo leak shows transparent laptop:

🚀 This week in crypto

  • Ethereum intros new token DN404

  • Indonesia elects pro-crypto regime

  • Spanish city stores to allow crypto

  • India gets web3 eSports platform

  • JP Morgan unveils deposit tokens

  • Deloitte puts blockchain to sports

  • Citigroup to tokenize PE funds

  • Revolut teases crypto exchange

  • Deutsche Telekom adopts web3 tech

  • Empire State Building reveals NFTs

  • Superchief announces BTC gallery

  • Sega embraces blockchain ventures

  • Lamborghini to mint car collection

  • Panini launches WWE NFT collection

  • Glenlivet Distillery debuts NFTs

Joe Biden posts Bitcoin meme:

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YC - Requests for Startups

🛠 Tool of the week

Downpour - Photos-to-Games