💰Perplexity's big raise

sets the stage for the GPT store launch

Happy new year 🎉 Perplexity grabs a cool $73.6M, sparking intrigue just as the GPT store gears up for launch. Meanwhile, Apple and Samsung tease AI surprises, Google enhances Bard, IRS wants your data and EU wants digital euros.

🤖 This week in AI

Samsung reveals AI robot vacuum:

💻 This week in tech

  • MIT scientists work on obesity pill

  • Juno flew by Jupiter’s volcano moon

  • Starlink to beam internet from space

  • Samsung adds SmartThings to cars

  • Samsung teases gamepads for TVs

  • Instagram tests public ‘collections

  • X adds headlines to article links

  • TikTok intros Peloton fitness hub

  • Snapchat partners with Samba TV

  • Reddit aims for $15B valuation IPO

  • Netflix looks to monetize its games

  • Walmart reveals immersive commerce

  • Nikon, Sony, Canon add camera tech

  • Mickey Mouse enters public domain

  • Kid becomes first to beat NES Tetris

XBOX debuts toaster at Walmart:

🚀 This week in crypto

F1 partners with crypto casino Stake:

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Rora - AI Researchers Salaries

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CBI - AI Research Analyst